Teresa Wade

My life’s work has been rich with experiences that connect people and their passion with purpose, to create value and generate profit. I was born into a family of entrepreneurs, I live the ‘passion with purpose’ legacy, and I understand the challenges and rewards of being a small business owner.

I am a visionary, but I am also a strategic thinker and a realist, applying intellect and gut to push or pull ideas to fulfillment, or drag them to the recycle bin. I’ve taken a unique idea through development, secured funding, integrated collaborative partners, gone to market, and received international recognition for the project success. I’ve been successful at doing a lot with a little and creating significance on many blank canvases; I can help you do the same through business.

There is no single pathway to business ownership success, so I have a toolbox full of winning strategies. My background includes an MBA with a focus in Negotiations, Marketing and International Business, from the Jack C.

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