We understand that you may have questions about the franchising industry and working with Net Positive Franchise. If your questions aren’t answered here, connect with us today for more information.


Net Positive Franchise is proud to differentiate ourselves by prioritizing the net positive approach in our brand. We recognize business as a vehicle to make a difference for more than the bottom line. Our team aims to help individuals and organizations exceed their return on investment, but also contribute more to the global economy, society, and the environment than it takes out. This could mean integrating sustainable practices in daily operations, or participation in corporate social responsibility programs. The franchise may utilize technology that decreases environmental impact, or have an ongoing commitment to community programs; the opportunities are limitless. Ask us how your franchise can adopt a net positive approach.
With thousands of franchise concepts available, finding the perfect franchise for you (the investor) can be overwhelming. A franchise broker can save you time, money and potential headaches. Our concierge type service is available at no cost to you, and we will be by your side from our initial conversation to your grand opening!
Our team is familiar with franchise systems that are profitable, reliable, and less risky. A franchisor will promote their brand only, and may only share the information that they want you to know. We represent many brands, and we ensure that you have all you need to make confident decisions about moving forward with your investment or determining if franchising is not for you.
The Net Positive Franchise team will spend time assessing your business ownership dream and core values, as well as your strengths, goals, transferable skills, and more, and identify the best “matches” for you. We will help you navigate the due diligence phase, using proprietary tools and resources. Our focus is to help you meet your “profit with purpose” goals.
Franchisors value the process our team follows to bring high quality candidates (that’s you, the investor) for their consideration. A franchise broker provides a win-win scenario for the investor and the franchisor. Hence, the franchisor compensates the broker as a referral partner.
Franchise systems usually do not require prior experience with business ownership or operations. Many do look for specific personality types that are best suited for their concept. Most franchisors offer ongoing support, training, tools and more to help you overcome the challenges that inevitably come with business ownership. This is one of many advantages of owning a franchise, you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself, and you get to utilize a proven system.
Discussing funding needs and financing options is one of the first critical steps in the Net Positive Franchise process. Too often, candidates simply don’t have enough capital to start-up a new business. However, there are many creative resources and methods to access adequate funding to optimize success. We can connect you with one of our trusted funding partners to work with your unique situation to get the start-up capital you need.
The complete franchise consultation process can be completed in a few days fairly simply. The market review, concept search, and other steps to validate and confirm the acquisition may take 45-90 days. Once you become a franchisee (owner), your business can launch in as little as six weeks or six months.
We are proud to work with brands that have enough history to prove viability of concept, financial stability, and a sound reputation, but that have not saturated the market. Each concept goes through a thorough review process, as our reputation is connected with that of the brand, and we must be confident in the quality that we present. Our aim is to promote brands that are at the ideal growth stage to maximum return on your investment.
According to the International Franchise Association, there are more than 2,500 franchise companies in 75 different industries. While you may think you want what is “hot”, the most important consideration is what is the right fit for you. If your lifestyle goals include spending more time with your family, a “hot” fast food concept won’t be right for you, as that type of franchise will be very demanding of your time. Additionally, new franchises that may be considered “hot” may not have a proven success record yet, and may be a risky investment. The Net Positive Franchise team will assess your business ownership dream, core values, as well as your strengths, goals, transferable skills, and more, and identify the best “matches” for you.