Net Positive Franchise offers consulting services and solutions for the franchise industry. We can help you achieve your personal, professional, financial and lifestyle goals through business ownership for yourself, but not by yourself. The Net Positive approach recognizes business as a vehicle to make a difference for more than the bottom line. Whether you aim to leave the corporate world and become a first time business owner, acquire a franchise for philanthropic profitability, make a passive investment, or expand an existing portfolio, we can help.

Business is a marathon (not a sprint), along routes that are still emerging. However, the target destination is always the same: achieving success and its benefits. What does that mean for you, for your family, your lifestyle, your future, your financial goals, and more?

The Net Positive Franchise team will spend time assessing your business ownership dream and core values, as well as your strengths, goals, transferable skills, and more, and identify the best “matches” for you. We will help you navigate the due diligence phase, using proprietary tools and resources. We can save you time, and ensure that you have all that you need to make confident decisions about moving forward with your investment, or determining if franchising is not for you. We offer consulting services and development assistance to help you meet your “profit with purpose” goals.

The 2016 Quickbooks Future of Small Business report predicts that small business ownership in the U.S. will skyrocket in the next ten years: from 30 million in 2014 to 42 million in 2026. A favorable economic climate, continued expansion of technology, and changes in the employment culture and consumer preferences, make business ownership more viable than ever.

Connect with us today, and at no cost to you (the candidate) the Net Positive Franchise team will help you exceed your goals and create a life that you love through business ownership.

Net Positive Approach

The aim of a net positive business approach is to help individuals and organizations exceed their return on investment, but also contribute more to the global economy, society, and the environment than it takes out. Net Positive Franchise is based in the Charlotte, North Carolina area, and is a division of Net Positive Business, a wholly owned subsidiary of Engage Sustainable Solutions, LLC, founded in 2008.


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Net Positive Franchise offers its suite of resources to help meet your franchise acquisition and business ownership needs. Our team includes legal and financial advisors, franchise brokers, real estate experts, location search services, education resources, and more.