Net Positive Franchise offers consulting services and solutions for the franchise industry. Our approach recognizes business as a vehicle to make a difference for more than the bottom line.

We work with individuals and investor groups to find the right franchise concept to help each achieve their personal, financial and lifestyle goals. And we know which franchises are COVID RESILIENT, RECESSION RESISTANT and AMAZON PROOF!

Additionally, our team helps franchisors develop and grow their franchise recruitment program; whether your franchise is a start up or a reemerging brand.


If you are currently a franchisor, or if you want to explore the franchise platform for your business, we can help.  Our services include all you need to get started – from strategy to sales, or we can assist with revamping your franchise sales system for a reboot.


If your aim is to leave the corporate world and become a first time business owner, acquire a franchise for philanthropic profitability, make a passive investment, or expand your existing portfolio, we can also help you match with the franchise that is best for you.

What does becoming a business owner mean for you, for your family, your lifestyle, your future, your financial goals, and more?  The Net Positive Franchise team will assess your business ownership dream and core values, as well as your strengths, goals, transferable skills, and more. We will help you navigate the due diligence phase and be with you through the entire process. Net Positive Franchise can save you time and ensure that you have all that you need to make confident decisions about moving forward with your investment; or to determine if franchising is not for you. Our unique approach prioritizes exceeding your “profit with purpose” goals.

Small business ownership in the U.S. will continue to skyrocket in the next ten years: from 30 million in 2014 to 42 million in 2026. 

The franchise industry is expecting a significant resurgence through (no matter the state of the economy), due to three factors: people, capital and resources.

Many franchises that have been deemed as essential businesses and are thriving (even expanding) during the crisis. And we know which ones are COVID resilient, recession resistant and Amazon proof.

Connect with us today to schedule a complimentary consultation.  The Net Positive Franchise team is eager to help you exceed your goals and create a life that you love through business ownership.


Having a job is a good thing, but creating jobs is even better. Having an income will change your life, but with a profit through your business, you can change a community.

The aim of a net positive business approach is to help individuals and organizations exceed their return on investment, but also contribute more to the global economy, society, and the environment than it takes out.


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